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August 21st, 2007

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01:29 pm - Assistant teachers sought
Isles/YouthBuild Institute of Trenton is seeking
teachers and teaching assistants for the upcoming
school year. These are mostly full-time, school-day
positions, all are grant-funded, and in most cases
these do not require State certification, though
experience is important. All positions should be
filled by people who love working with teenagers,
especially urban youth.

(1) Assistant teacher for math -- this person should
have aptitude with algebra and geometry, and should
have some experience helping students prepare for
the SAT.

(2) Assistant teacher for computer literacy -- this
person should be skilled with Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint as a minimum. Some skill with Access
helps; experience teaching keyboarding would help
a lot!

(3) Computer repair teacher -- this person should
be skilled with replacing basic components of a PC,
such as disk drives, and should be good with
replacement and installation of peripherals. The
computer teacher should also be skilled with simple
software and hardware maintenance.

(4) Part-time teacher of public speaking -- this
person should have experience and skill in speaking
before audiences and should be able to communicate
this experience to others. A Rhetoric teacher, or an
outstanding Rhetoric student, would be a good candidate

Anyone who is interested can contact me for more
information. rgraham@tcnj.edu

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